Payment Authorization Terms and Conditions

The City of Pensacola utilizes Paymentus Corporation as our secure bill payment technology service. If you use this service to make your payment, you accept these terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.

Refund Policy: Paymentus charges a non-refundable service fee to process your payment for the use of its software and technology platform to handle this payment. This fee is separate, over and above your bill payment amount to be paid to the billing company.

Privacy Policy: Your information is secure and will only be used for the purpose of processing this payment transaction.

Acceptance: By providing your card for payment, you agree to pay the Total Amount Charged, which includes both the bill payment amount to be paid to the City of Pensacola and the service fee to be paid to Paymentus Corporation. You will see two line items on your cardholder statement: one charged directly by the billing company and second by Paymentus for the use of its technology platform. All authorizations are subject to the agreements governing your credit or debit card. The payment transaction will only be completed after receiving successful authorization from your card company for the Total Amount Charged.

Limitation of Liability: You agree that the Paymentus liability for any delay, failure of delivery, underpayment, or nonpayment is limited to the fee paid to Paymentus to process your transaction. In no event shall Paymentus be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages. You agree further that Paymentus shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever for its failure to process transactions from prohibited third parties.

Prohibited Use: Paymentus does not accept payments from third party payors. The Paymentus Technology Platform shall only be used by customers of the City of Pensacola. Third party commercial payors and/or payment aggregators are expressly prohibited from submitting payments through Paymentus' Technology Platform or otherwise use the Paymentus Technology Platform whether web-based, IVR, or CSR interfaces. By using the Paymentus Technology Platform, you represent and warrant you (Payor) are (i) a customer of a the City of Pensacola; (ii) paying a bill on your own behalf, or as an employee or relative of a Payor; and (iii) not using the Paymentus Technology Platform and/or the electronic billing and payment services on behalf of a Payor under a claim of agency or other third-party relationship, or for commercial gain. You agree that any breach of these warranties constitutes a material breach of this Agreement. Paymentus reserves the right to reverse any and all payments made from third party agencies, and you agree to: (i) indemnify Paymentus for interchange fees, merchant fees, as well as all other costs and fees, including internal costs to Paymentus to research and compile charges by you, incurred in processing a payment transaction in violation of these Terms and Conditions, and (ii) indemnify Paymentus for all other damages, costs, fees expenses, and attorney fees resulting from your breach of this agreement.

Compliance with Law: You represent and warrant that your use of the Paymentus Technology Platforms shall not violate any law, statute or regulation involving money laundering, or any other illegal activity. You further agree that you will utilize the platform solely for payment of a debt and will not utilize or introduce to the Paymentus Technology platform any automated program or device such as a robot, spider, or scraper for any reason including, without limitation, for the purpose of paying bills, copying the platform or otherwise obtaining information about the platform, including any automated payment paradigm.